Banana Plugs 24K Gold Plated – 12Pcs, Black Edition


Banana Plugs 24K Gold Plated – 12Pcs, Black Edition

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About this item

  • 12 Pcs Banana plugs
  • Banana plug is designed with double screw for high secure connection
  • Banana plugs are made of corrosion free 24K gold-plated connectors to ensure high and clear quality audio output
  • 24K gold plated with solid brass tip with aluminium out sleeve
  • Dhivis banana plugs are designed for easy connection and installation for keeping all the systems in organised manner especially when you’re dealing with a lot of audio/Video connections. These banana plugs with different colour codes help in hassle free installation and identification.
  • Banana plugs with anti-vibration O-Ring or sleeve.


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