ASCENDO Immersive Audio – SV-12 – Subwoofers

The new ASCENDO SV-12 subwoofer sets the standard for bass output, low distortion, and affordability. With chest thumping bass that plays deep down the SV12 subwoofer unleashes cinema level volume, with the ability to convey and articulate the subtle nuances of music.

12″ Woofer: At the heart of the powered subwoofer is a composite cone driver with a very stiff sandwich cone paired with a large throw rubber surround. The SV12 12″ driver was developed from the ground up, with a design focus on achieving output, accuracy, dynamics, and linearity, while minimizing distortion. Sophisticated computer modeling and measurement techniques are used extensively in the powered subwoofer design process. The woofer is enclosed in a cabinet made from HDF material outfitted with massive internal bracing and dual ports to minimize port turbulence.

500-Watt Amplifier: The 500W RMS amplifier is built around the high efficiency Class D amplifier module based on a proven topology with vast reserves of power for highly accurate, deep bass for your home theater or music system. A Variable crossover with adjustable phase control is used for easy integration with other speakers.

For convenience, an auto turn on/off function was added. Audio can be supplied to the subwoofer by either balanced XLR or RCA interconnects (LFE/line level inputs).




Driver 12” (305mm) Composite Cone Driver
Amplifier Type Class D
Voltage 110 and 220 switchable
Amplifier Power 500W RMS
Power Fuse 110V, Fuse T8AL / 250V. 220V, Fuse T4AL / 250V
Crossover Frequencies 40-150Hz (variable)
Frequencies Response 25Hz-150Hz (variable)
LFE Input Yes
LFE Output Yes
Line Level Input Yes
Phase Control Yes
Standby Function (Auto On/Off)
Cabinet/Color Vented braced Medium Density Fiber-board (MDF)/Black
Grille Black Cloth
Dimensions 15.75” (400mm) W x 18.9” (480mm) H x 15.75” (400mm) D
(Dimensions include feet and grille)
Weight 48.5 lbs (22 kg)



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