Interconnect RCA Cable, For Subwoofer, Pre Amplifier, RCA to RCA – 3 Meters


Interconnect RCA Cable, For Subwoofer, Pre Amplifier, RCA to RCA – 3 Meters

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HiFi RCA to RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

Premium Interconnect Cables for Subwoofers and AV Components DHIVIS Reference Interconnect Cables let your system reach its full performance potential by ensuring pristine signal purity and rejecting all interference. Also known as RCA cables, DHIVIS Reference Interconnect Cables deliver a high-end listening experience and an unwavering connection between your subwoofer or other components and a receiver or preamplifier, and they do it affordably.

Support Devices:
Power Amplifiers
Audio Receivers

Product description:

Electrical Properties:
Conductors: 99.99% OFC stranded copper
Connectors: Gold-plated brass
Conductor: DCR = 77 mΩ/meter
Shield DCR: 30 mΩ/meter
Nominal Impedance: 110Ω.
Nominal Capacitance: 39 pF/meter @ 1kHz
Rated Bandwidth: DC-5.0 MHz (3M cable)
Cable Diameter: 8mm High density
8.0mm PVC outside core dielectric –
part of five-layer insulation system

Additional information

Weight 0.4 g
Dimensions 18 × 19 × 6 cm

3 reviews for Interconnect RCA Cable, For Subwoofer, Pre Amplifier, RCA to RCA – 3 Meters

  1. Srinivas

    For the money, this is one of the best Subwoofer cables you can buy. I was previously using a cheap Belkin cable connected to my KEF KUBE 12 subwoofer, and immediately after upgrading to the DHIVIS cable (3M) I noticed more subtle low-frequency activity coming from the subwoofer. It just sounded far more natural and did not appear to be originating from any particular direction. really does make a huge difference in the signal arriving 100% accurately to the subwoofer.

  2. Peter

    This is a premium-priced cable, and I didn’t purchase it originally due to the limited options for cable length. However, after using another brand for several months and being unhappy with the fit of its RCA connectors, I purchased the Dhivis STORM cable. It is much more robust than the other brand – and a couple of feet longer than needed for my room – but the RCA connectors fit my SVS subwoofer tightly, and it is a quality product in every sense of the word. Highly recommended.

  3. sife

    I purchased this to replace a Monster Cable In. I recently purchased an SVS PB2000 sub, I figured I’d use an DHIVIS interconnect . The sound of my sub has changed significantly and I’m not one who believes that cheap cables perform any less than expensive cables. My sub is hitting some really scary low notes, notes that make me afraid that stuff is going to start falling off the walls in the house. The cable is VERY solid with high quality ends. If I ever need additional interconnects, I am going to go with DHIVIS!

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